Monday, 9 January 2017

I'm in a mood.......

I styled this outfit with an edgy grunge theme in mind. I don't have a particular style that I always wear or stick to, I tend to just wake up and go with what ever my mood is. I like to channel the mood I'm expressing so if I'm feeling badass I will throw on some heavy colours. However obviously this day I was feeling like incorporating a vintage, edgy and effortless look. Therefore I dug out my frayed jeans (from Zara) and a thin floaty t-shirt that is actually parted from a set (from Missguided), I also opted for a black bra that you could slightly see through the t-shirt. I then finished the look off with my beloved almost clunky shoes that added that extra toughness about the outfit.

I styled this outfit and picked the location to solidify the vibe I was attempting to achieve.
I also combined this post with a couple of photos I found for inspiration that helped add to the feel of the post. Therefore photos that are not of me I got from Tumblr.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

you got to sport a sports bra!

I have always loved the look of incorporating sports bra's into your daily outfit. I think that it gives of a sexy sports girl vibe but in a subtle casual way (sounds perfect). Its so easy to add into your wardrobe whether that's making the sports bra the main focus point, so literally parade around in just that on your top half (obviously not with nothing on the bottom though, as that may be a bit too revealing hehe). Also you can make the impact more subtle by playing peek-a-boo with it. These bras are so versatile and can totally transform and outfit, what more can you ask for. However with my love for the traditional sports bra, with doing this post its making me more and more jealous, as I haven't yet got myself a Calvin Klein bra. As at the moment i'm skint as i spent all my money on holiday items (*crying*). But I will definitely get one in the for see able future!
Hanneli Mustaparta overalls sports bra

The Sports Bra Is Having A Major Street Style Moment

The Sports Bra Is Having A Major Street Style Moment

The Sports Bra Is Having A Major Street Style Moment

Celebrity Gym Style

The Sports Bra Is Having A Major Street Style Moment

Street Style

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Retail Marketing at Missguided

I recently went to the Trafford Centre to scout for some new clothes, as I felt like revamping my style a little bit, and I wandered into selfridges totally forgetting that one of my favorite online shops now has a segment in there. It was Missguided! It was highly exposed in Selfridges therefore you were able to get a good view of the majority of clothes hanging there. As obviously due to the fact that the style of the clothes is what I normally go for it instantly caught my eye, making sure they had the top and most popular trends at the front on a variation of different height platforms. The bright colours and variation of different textures and materials of both clothing and the actual display itself caused me to be intrigued and therefore found myself wandering around the clothes. The three main pieces of clothing that were on display consisted of slightly different styles/lengths of the same pieces ie tops and skirts (as they were grouped together)  therefore it was appealing to everyone's slightly different style/taste. The display also contained several different textures which was pleasing to the eye which persuaded me to go and touch the garments. Suddenly you find yourself being pulled in by the sight of gorgeous tops or dresses. Additionally this display supported the rule of three, as three different items were exposed at different heights.
In conclusion  this display was very successful as it did actually persuade me to buy something from the cleverly placed garments with the different aspects gripping me and pulling me in to dig deeper through the various different rails.

My product

After I had completed my mock up I then had to create my product (which is still a bag) but this time including the pattern stripes. Therefore I still wanted to define the the two different sections that I had highlighted previously. Therefore I angled my stripes in two different directions, The top half which included the flap with fastening I did vertical stripes, with the actual body of the bag containing horizontal stripes. In order to create the stripes I used water colours as I wanted to define the stripes and express a vintage feel to it. I also created another Production chart to express the costs and retail price of this bag. In order for the stripes to work in the real product to sell in retail shops I would use different colour polyester strips to create the pattern of stripes. The size of the bag is the same as the mock up that I made in my previous post.